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New MailLite® PickPack format launched to reduce carbon emissions

Sealed Air PickPack MailLite

Sealed Air MailLite® padded envelopes are available to purchase from Network Packaging in a range of sizes and now come packed in a new PickPack format designed to reduce carbon emissions and boost overall sustainability.

The new PickPack format

Replacing the corrugated boxes used to previously ship MailLite® envelopes, the new PickPack format is smart, clean, and easy to use. The replacement pack is comprised of four cardboard trays overwrapped with shrink film and includes an easy-opening tear strip.

Improved MailLite® pack sustainability

By reducing the packing weight and volume of MailLite® envelopes, they become a much more sustainable packaging product.

  • Lighter packaging – 60% less packaging weight vs. cardboard boxes previously used to pack MailLite®
  • Lowered carbon footprint – less packing material, less waste and 50% fewer CO2 emissions compared to previous MailLite® packs
  • Easy to recycle – the MailLite® envelopes themselves are easy to recycle with a recyclable paper outer and an easy-to-detach bubble inner (made from 60% recycled content)

Save time, save space, and increase efficiency

MailLite PickPack Easy Open

As the new PickPack format is smaller and lighter, up to 33% more MailLite® envelopes can be packed on to a pallet.

  • Less transport required – this means less CO2 is released into the environment and less fuel is needed, so there’s a reduced impact on fossil resources
  • Easy to handle – more items per pallet means fewer pallets to handle, saving you time when they’re unloaded in your warehouse. The new tear-strip design is quick and easy to disassemble too, so can save time during the packing process
  • Space saving – the new efficient pack size means MailLite® envelopes will take up less space in your warehouse, giving you more room for your product

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