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Recyclable Pacplan PaperWave® air cushioning available from Network Packaging

paperwave air cushions

Network Packaging is pleased to announce it can now supply a new, eco-friendly paper air cushion to customers.

Pacplan PaperWave® pillow film is manufactured using a combination of recycled paper lined with a starch-based biofilm, so it’s 100% kerbside recyclable and even suitable for home composting.

Used with the Pacplan AirWave® void fill systems, PaperWave™ is lightweight and only 5% material when inflated, making it kinder to the environment. The product even bears the RESY symbol, which means it is guaranteed to be accepted by all paper and cardboard recyclers.

The new film can fit into an on demand packing environment and provide fast and efficient void fill, whilst minimising waste and bulky storage. Customers can also choose from cushions or quilt variations of PaperWave® depending on their packaging requirements.

Andy Robinson, sales manager for Network Packaging says: “We’re excited to add another sustainable product to our offering. Helping our customers make informed packaging choices is incredibly important, especially where the environment is concerned. Increasingly, many of our customers are turning to paper options and the innovative Pacplan PaperWave® gives customers the option to choose paper AND air cushioning in one.”

For more information about Pacplan PaperWave® film and the AirWave™ void fill systems email