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Network Packaging launches Airsac UltraMail range

We’re excited to announce that Airsac UltraMail, our inflatable mailing bag, is now stocked in a range of sizes!

What is Airsac UltraMail?

Airsac UltraMail features a traditional mailing bag lined with our multi-chamber Airsac inflatable packaging. It’s been designed to provide higher-grade protection than the likes of bubble lined or padded envelopes.

Simply inflate the bag, pack your goods, seal and send! So, if you need an all-in-one mailing solution for fragile goods, look no further…

What sizes can you choose from?

Description Product Code Inflated internal size (mm)
Mobile Phone UltraMail ULTRAMAILMPL    165 x 85 x 15
iPad/Tablet UltraMail ULTRAMAILTAB   167 x 260 x 15
15″ Laptop UltraMail ULTRAMAILNB15   270 x 385 x 30
Large Parcel UltraMail ULTRAMAILLGE   445 x 490 x 70
Beauty Product UltraMail ULTRAMAILBEA   74 x 49 x 147

What benefits can Airsac UltraMail offer you?

Virtually eliminate damages & returns – as your goods are completely protected, Airsac UltraMail minimises the costly expense of replacing damaged goods and reverse logistics

An all-in-one solution – Airsac UltraMail is a complete mailing solution that removes the need for cartons, void fill and tape, meaning you can reduce your packaging material usage and save money

Eco-friendly option – Airsac UltraMail is 100% recyclable, so you can minimise packaging waste liability and boosting your green credentials

Speed up your packaging – you can inflate Airsac UltraMail within seconds, therefore your packing time is cut drastically

So, are you interested in Airsac UltraMail?

You can request pricing and samples by calling us on 01902 496 666, emailing us or completing our contact form today!