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HoloLens technology launches at the Innovation Lab

We’re excited to let you know that cutting HoloLens technology is now available at the Macfarlane Packaging Innovation lab.

As we’re part of the Macfarlane group, our customers can access the state of the art Innovation Lab! The facility provides a stimulating, dynamic and engaging environment, designed to unleash the imaginative power of our most talented people. Located in Milton Keynes, the lab enables us to find very smart packaging solutions for you, very quickly.

HoloLens technology is the latest addition in our arsenal to help you fight the hidden costs of packaging.

What is HoloLens technology?

HoloLens, developed by Microsoft, is the world’s first self-contained holographic computer. It allows you to project holographic objects into the real world.

The mixed reality is created as you wear the HoloLens headset. The system enables digital designs to co-exist and interact with the real-world environment.

Using mixed reality to enhance your packaging

The specially-programmed Microsoft HoloLens headsets,will enable you to walk through your packaging operation step by step. Plus, you’ll also be able see any cost savings and efficiency improvements recommended by our packaging experts.

You could use the HoloLens system to review a new pack design or see where a new pack bench would fit in your warehouse. So, once you’re happy with ideas, they can be brought into life with our cutting-edge design facilities, on-the-spot prototype production equipment and the latest 3D software.

Book an Innovation Lab visit

Whether you work in internet retail and want to deliver the WOW-factor or you’re looking to deliver pack efficiency if you’re a 3PL business or manufacturer – we can help. You can book a visit to the Innovation Lab by calling 01902 496 666, emailing us or completing our contact form.