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Introducing Airsac UltraMail – the new inflatable mailing bag!

Airsac UltraMail

We’re excited to announce the launch of Airsac UltraMail – a new, innovative inflatable mailing solution!

Airsac UltraMail features a mailing bag lined with our Airsac multi-chamber inflatable packaging system and offers a quick and efficient way to protect your goods in transit. The Airsac UltraMail system is suitable for a number of businesses including internet retailers, electronics refurbishers, cosmetics distributors, pharmaceutical dispatch and more…

All AirsacUltraMail bags are supplied flat and are then inflated at point of use with compressed air, so they’re incredibly space saving while being stored. Plus, Airsac UltraMail is an all-in-one solution, which eliminates the need for cartons, void fill and tape – perfect if you want to reduce your packaging material usage and save money.

Click here to visit the Airsac UltraMail product page to learn about the features and benefits Airsac UltraMail offers.

If you’re interested in Airsac UltraMail and would like to see a sample, receive a quote, or ask any questions, get in touch with us today on 01902 49666, email, or complete our contact form.