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Introducing PostalCube® – a new innovation


PostalCube® is a new product innovation available exclusively through Macfarlane Packaging. It’s been designed to minimise the space used and waste created by traditional postal tubes. PostalCube® is supplied flat on a roll, can be cut to a size that suits your goods and is easy to store.

As part of the Macfarlane group, Network Packaging is excited to be able to offer PostalCube® to our customers.

Available in a range of widths and lengths, PostalCube® can offer you some great advantages and benefits:

  • Tailored to you – as PostalCube® is supplied on a roll, you can cut it to length so it fits your products exactly!
  • Save time and space – PostalCube® is incredibly compact, so releases valuable space in your warehouse. It can even be stored directly on packing benches, so even minimises handing and saves your packers time when dispatching goods.
  • Reduce waste and costs – customising PostalCube® to your needs, means you’ll be using less packaging compared to regular postal tubes and you’ll get more packs for your money.

For pricing, a demonstration or to speak to an expert about PostalCube®, get in touch with us on 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form today.