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Introducing new 50% recycled content bubble wrap

Bubble Wrap

Network Packaging is pleased to announce that as of August 2020, we will be replacing all stock bubble wrap with a new Sealed Air AirCap® bubble wrap that contains at least 50% recycled material. Including recycled content in bubble wrap production means less use of virgin materials and reduces the amount of plastic waste going into landfill.

The new high recycled content AirCap® bubble wrap offers the same performance customers have come to expect from Sealed Air products, due to its barrier seal. Sealed Air’s barrier technology traps air inside the bubbles for longer, providing consistent cushioning to protect products in transit.

The switch to 50% recycled content AirCap® bubble will see Network Packaging stock small, medium and large bubble rolls. Virgin material bubble wrap will continue to be available to customers who request it, but it’s hoped that the majority of clients will value the new environmental benefits of swapping to recycled content bubble.

Just like Network Packaging’s previous stock bubble wrap, the recycled content AirCap® bubble wrap is available in space saving 200m rolls. You can fit 20% more AirCap® ELRT 200m in the same space as regular 100m bubble. Using 200m rolls will maximise transport, reduce manual handling and cut roll changes whilst you’re packing.

Emma Phimister, Sales Manager for Network Packaging, commented, “Switching to high recycled content bubble wrap emphasises our commitment to offering customers sustainable packaging options and supporting them with their CSR aims.”

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