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Network Packaging continues to progress despite warehouse fire

Network Packaging, the leading protective packaging distributor based in Wolverhampton, has maintained its excellent customer service despite a warehouse fire in January.

A fire at one of our packaging storage warehouses in Wolverhampton began in an area of the building where cardboard boxes and other packaging materials were stored. No specific cause has been identified. The building has subsequently been safely demolished and a new warehouse will be built on the site.

Network’s customers experienced very little disruption, with packaging orders delivered on time, and the stock lost in the fire was replenished quickly and interim storage secured.

New design facilities 

Over the past few months since the fire, Network Packaging has established a new office for our Airsac® inflatable packaging team, who were originally located at the affected warehouse. The facility, in Wolverhampton, features a new Airsac® Design Centre including sample making facilities, an option to test out the automated inflation equipment, training space and interactive touch screen technology.

 Martin Dunn, Director for Network Packaging, said: “It’s great that our business has been able to bounce back after this challenging event. Our team has worked hard to ensure that our customers were not inconvenienced after the fire and our new design facility offers an exciting opportunity. We’re pleased to have the new site up and running and we are hopeful that 2019 will be a successful year for Network Packaging and Macfarlane Packaging.”

The site will enable us and our parent group, Macfarlane Packaging, to develop our flagship inflatable packaging brand, Airsa®c in the packaging market by giving customers access to the only UK-made examples of this type of packaging.

For more information about Airsac® inflatable packaging and visiting the design centre email or call 01902 496 666.