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Network Packaging launches new Airsac website


We’re excited to let you know that the brand new Airsac website has just launched. Click here to check out the site.

The new Airsac website combines two historic Airsac sites into one more user-friendly platform. This means you’ll now be able to learn all about Airsac inflatable packaging and shop for Airsac products in one place.

Why have we launched a new Airsac website?

After listening to your feedback, we wanted to provide you with a better shopping experience when buying Airsac inflatable packaging.

The revamped has a friendlier layout than our old website and will reduce the number of steps it will take you to place an order.

Plus, the new site has the option of a guest checkout, a more robust payment gateway, and the option to apply for a credit account. If you’ve ever wanted to know about bespoke Airsac designs, you’ll find that information on the website too, as well as other Airsac features and benefits.

New website = new Airsac products

In addition to a more user-friendly website, we’ve also expanded the range of products you can purchase online.

You’ll now find our stock Airsac UltraMail mailing bags available to buy online, as well as the expanded Airsac on a Roll range. Following your feedback, we’ll soon be making the Airsac carton range available to buy individually, following your feedback.

Do you have questions about the new Airsac website?

If you’ve got any questions about the Airsac website contact us on 01902 496 666 or by emailing