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Network Packaging launches two new Airsac® auto inflation machines

We’re excited to announce that we have just launched two new automatic inflation machines for our flagship packaging range Airsac®.

As Airsac® is supplied flat to save valuable space, it needs to be inflated at point of use. The new inflation equipment we’re launching today is ideal for existing and new Airsac® customers looking speed up packing process or help them manage in high-demand environments.

On demand inflation for our Airsac® range

The new Airsac® inflation systems can be used with a large selection Airsac® products in the style of our stock  range, including:

  • Wine and beer Airsacs®
  • Airsacs® for laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Endcap and corner style Airsacs® like our TV, PC and picture frame bags
  • Airsac® on a Roll and Airsac® Bubble

The Airsac® team can design bespoke products that are suitable for customers to use with the equipment too.

Operational benefits for Airsac® customers

By using one of our two new automated inflation machines, customers will be able to enjoy improved productivity and reduced handling time, contributing to operational efficiency. Plus, using our automated machinery will give customers reassurance they’re using consistent pressures to inflate their Airsac® packaging, maintaining quality and reducing waste.

All the new machinery will also be available with full installation and maintenance services, provided by Network Packaging’s Airsac® team.

Carl Smethurst, Airsac® Category Manager says: “It’s great to offer our Airsac® customers these new inflation options. We’re always listening to feedback and finding ways to improve the packaging services we provide. These solutions will help customers become more efficient and use Airsac® with ease.”  

Further information

For more information about the new Airsac® automate inflation machines contact our team by emailing or calling 01902 496 666. Alternatively, click here to view the Airsac® website to view our product range.