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New Airsac Bubble added to our Airsac range

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added a brand-new product to our Airsac inflatable packaging range – Airsac Bubble.  It’s an exciting addition our Airsac roll selection.

What is Airsac Bubble?

Airsac Bubble is similar to our popular Airsac on a Roll product, but with a lower micron. It’s ideal for low demand environments where protective packaging is required but volumes don’t justify automated dispensing systems.

Airsac Bubble is flexible enough to be moulded around a wide range of products and offers great cushioning and protection in transit.

There are four different Airsac Bubble options available to you:

  • AIRSACR1000B – Airsac Bubble 1000mm x 125m 60mu 
  • AIRSACR1200B – Airsac Bubble  1200mm x 125m 60mu
  • AIRSACR500B – Airsac Bubble  500mm x 250m 60mu 
  • AIRSACR800B – Airsac Bubble Roll  800mm x 250m 60mu

Airsac Bubble

All our Airsac Bubble rolls are perforated at 300mm / 30cm intervals, so you can tear off convenient size sections, depending on your packing requirements. Rolls 800mm or wider are supplied folded on a roll – so they take up half the space in your warehouse and are easy to handle.

Interested in purchasing Airsac Bubble?

You can purchase Airsac Bubble from from £131 for our 125m rolls and £136 for our 250m rolls. Call us on 01902 496 666, email us or complete our contact form for your personalised quote.