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Earn discounts with our new Airsac Reward Scheme

Airsac Reward Scheme

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Great news! As part of our ongoing effort to provide a great customer experience and reward loyalty, we’ve launched a brand new Airsac Reward Scheme.

Available exclusively online through our new website, you can earn points which translate into discounts on future orders.

So, what rewards can you earn?


For every £2.00 you spend on the Airsac website, you can earn 1 point from the Airsac Reward Scheme.

Each point you earn is worth £0.02. So, for example if you spend £100 you’ll earn £1 back.

How do you earn reward points?

You can currently earn Airsac reward points for the following actions:

  • Buying Airsac — every time you make an Airsac website purchase you earn points based on the price of products purchased and these points are added to your Airsac Reward Points balance
  • Registering on the Airsac site – if you’re a new customer, you can earn 10 reward points for signing up to the site. Click here to sign up
  • Subscribing to email communications for the first time – when you register, check the “subscribe to newsletter” box to earn 5 reward points
  • Review submission — you earn points for submitting product reviews too

Find our more about the Airsac Reward Scheme…

If you’d like to learn more about our Airsac reward Scheme click here. Our Airsac website explains how you redeem your reward points, as well as how you manage your reward account and manage your points.

Start earning discounts!

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Remember, to start earning points, you should register for an account if you’re a new customer. If you’re an existing Airsac customer, you can check out your current reward balance when you’ve logged in to your account. Happy shopping!