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New heat seal Airsacs now in stock!

heat seal airsac

Are you shipping any oils, paints or chemicals and want to ensure there’s no spillage in transit? Our new heat seal Airsac inflatable packaging could be perfect for you.

You can buy the new heat seal Airsac bags in three sizes:

  • 200ml
  • 1 litre
  • 5 litre

How does it work?

You simply seal the Airsac bag with your product inside using a 500mm impulse sealer and inflate using compressed air.

The heat seal means your products are completely encapsulated and in the unlikely event that damage or leakage occurs, no liquid will escape the Airsac.

This stops your other products getting damaged in multi-pick packages and means your customers won’t have to deal with any messy clean up. So, you’ll enhance your customer experience.

Ultimate protection for your goods

You can be confident that the new Airsac heat seal bags have been drop tested from 2m and will offer the ultimate protection for your goods. Airsac will virtually eliminating your damages and returns, and like all Airsac products, the heat seal packs are 100% recyclable.

To learn more about the other great benefits Airsac inflatable packaging can offer you, click here.

So, if you want to start using the ultimate protective packaging, call us on 01902 496666 with your enquiry. Alternatively you can email us or complete our contact form.