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Check out new Sealed Air IB Expressions!

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Are you looking for new ways to make an impression on customers? Sealed Air’s Bubble Wrap IB Expressions could be just what you’re looking for!

We can now supply Sealed Air’s Bubble Wrap IB Expressions, which offers a fun and unique experience for customers when they open a parcel. Expressions provides a range of patterns, like hearts and stars that can make your packaging stand out from the crowd.

In addition, Bubble Wrap IB Expressions can be customised with your own branding and a range of vivid colours.  IB Expressions also provides the same advanced protection for goods in transit that you get from all Sealed Air inflatable void fill products.

How IB Expressions can benefit you…

  • Your customer experience improves – unique designs create an outstanding customer journey
  • Your damages and returns reduce – advanced protection provided means your goods get to their destination intact
  • You minimise reduce packaging waste – the efficient delivery system of Sealed Air Bubble Wrap IB Expressions means you need less product vs. other protective packaging materials

So, do you want to know more?

You can download our Sealed Air IB Expressions fact sheet by clicking here. To see samples or discuss product innovations, contact one of our experts today! Call 01902 496666, email us or complete our contact form to book a packaging review.