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New PadPak® Guardian available from Network Packaging

Network Packaging is pleased to announce the addition of the Ranppak PadPak® Guardian to our cushioning equipment range.

The PadPak® Guardian is a compact, fast and simple paper cushioning resource, which is available as a floor-standing unit or a pack bench mounted stand. Using a PadPak® Guardian system offers a range of advantages:


The compact design of the system suits narrow packing or warehouse environments. It is ideal for environments where customers need to save valuable space.

Quick & simple

Paper loading is faster than the existing PadPak® systems, loading in just 20-30 seconds. It’s also simple for operators to use, with a detachable touch screen control, great manoeuvrability and easy to handle paper packs.

Modular system

The modular system means that components can be easily repaired or replaced, rather than replacing the entire system, should it become an issue.


Customers can choose from a broad range of sustainable paper products, including recycled and virgin material options. All paper cushioning can be recycled by the end user too – reducing environmental impact.

Marketing Manager, Charlotte Hardy says “We’re committed to providing solutions that provide protection to our customers’ products and help contribute to sustainable packaging practices. The PadPak® Guardian is another great example of this, and we look forward to making it available to our customers.”

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