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New protective Airsac TV packaging launched


We’re excited to announce that three new Airsac inflatable packaging kits will be available from Network Packaging. The new packs have been designed to protect a range of televisions in transit, from 32” through to 50” monitors.

The new Airsac Television Kits include two inflatable end caps and a sturdy double wall carton to ensure your products will get to the end customer in perfect condition. Available in packs of 10, the kits are ideal for businesses refurbishing or repairing electronics.

Like all Airsac packaging, the new TV packs will help you save time, save space and save money. Plus all of our inflatable packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can enhance your green credentials.

Carl Smethurst, Airsac Product Manager, said of the new range:

  “Our customers have always fed back that Airsac has been excellent at protecting electronic devices like tablets and laptops. So the natural next step was to expand this range to offer solutions for larger devices like TVs. 

These new Airsac TV  solutions represent months of testing and design work to ensure our customers’ goods are safe in transt and their supply chains are more efficient.”

If you’re interested in you can visit to buy online, email us or call Network Packaging on 01902 496666 for more information.