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Protect 13.5 inch laptops & tablets with our new Airsac addition

If you’re shipping laptops or large tablet devices, the new addition to our Airsac inflatable packaging range is for you!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve just added a new 13.5” laptop Airsac to our electronics category. The new size is also suitable for packing large tablets, like the iPad Pro.

Where to buy our new Airsac product?

You can shop for the new 13.5 inch laptop Airsac at Simply head to the electronics section to check it out.

The product is available on its own (just the bag) or you can buy it with a kit, which includes a box. You can buy as little as 50 units, which is 1 pack. Plus, like all Airsacs, this new design offers benefits such as:

  • Virtually eliminating damages & returns
  • Reduces storage & transport costs
  • Speeds up your pack time
  • Creates less waste as its only 2% film & 98% air

Grab a new customer discount

Are you a new customer who’s considering buying Airsac for the first time? We offer 10% off all new customer orders of £75 or more. Simply use code NEWCUST when you check out online.

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