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Our Q2 Customer Survey Results 2018

We’ve spoken to customers who bought packaging from us between March – June this year in our latest customer survey. It’s important for us to check in to see how we’re doing.
Thanks to all our customers who took part! Here are the results…

Our Net Promoter Score is 60

Our Net Promoter Score means that our customers will recommend us to friends, family and other businesses.

So, although our Q2 score is a drop versus Q1, it’s still well above the average scores of 20-30 for a business to business company.

Nonetheless, we know there’s always ways we can improve, so we look forward to getting your feedback on how we can get as close to the top score of 100 as possible.

Why would our customers recommend us?

Quality products teamed with excellent service continues to set us apart from other suppliers. Our team are dedicated to helping customers and will always go the extra mile to add value.

Have we been meeting customer needs?

100% of customers surveyed said we’ve been meeting their needs extremely or very well, which is great. This is a 3% increase vs. Q1 2018 and is consistent with results throughout 2017.

I’m very pleased overall, I’ve had no issues and the team are very helpful with queries and urgent requirements.” – Astra Games

Good service, good products, good prices” – PCP Ltd

They offer a good level of service at Network. They’re very reliable and their product quality is good” – Rexel

What do our customers think of our products?

Our customers have described our products as reliable, high quality, useful and good value. This is consistent with responses from Q1 and 2017.

If you’ve got any feedback for us, let us know!

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’ve got something to say. Simply email with your feedback.