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What are the top pet peeves when it comes to packaging?

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Inventive packaging can often delight and fascinate, but poor packaging can make the blood boil! You’ve probably experienced frustration when you can’t get into a new piece of tech or a beauty product you’ve treated yourself to. To say the least, it’s annoying, right?

So, what are the most common packaging pet peeves?

We’re familiar with the common packaging mistakes that can create frustration. Whether you’re a retailer or a distribution business, here are some packaging pit falls you should try to avoid…

  1. Hard to remove labels

If you’ve ever bought a pair of shoes or a book with a promotional label on, you’ll know it can be a pain trying to get it off your new stuff. You can sometimes be left with an unsightly mark on your goods, which isn’t ideal.

If you’re using labels in your packaging operation, you may want to consider using labels that have an easy to remove adhesive. This way you’ll reduce customer frustration.

  1. Impossible to open packs

A lot of our customers report that hard to open packaging is incredibly frustrating. Common culprits include moulded plastic retail packaging, over taped boxes and mailing bags that are hard to open.

Making things easy to open will enhance your customer experience and help make your packaging more user friendly for older generations. Click here if you want to learn more about making packaging more inclusive.

  1. Wasteful packaging

Have you ever received a package and marvelled at the amount of void fill that has been used or the wasted space inside a box?

As consumers are becoming more eco-aware, you’re under increasing pressure to be less wasteful AND sustainable.  Why not switch to paper packaging, biodegradable void fill and have clear packing guidelines? You’ll become less wasteful, which will please your customers and help you avoid packaging waste tax!

  1. Packaging that’s hard to dispose of or creates mess

Across the UK, councils are cutting regular bin collections and putting more emphasis on recycling. Therefore, it can be frustrating to receive packaging that’s hard to dispose of in recycling.

If you’re using polystyrene, plastics and foam, you may want to re-think it as they can often fall outside of recyclable categories for most councils.

Plus, you’ll know that messy packaging can be a nightmare! Packing peanuts, wood wool or shredded tissue can be very messy when you unpack them, which creates extra cleaning for your customers.

If you want more ideas about how to reduce wrap rage, click here.

Do you want to make your packaging frustration free?

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