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6 areas to review to cut your packaging costs

We know that it’s important to keep your business profitable! If you’re looking for new ways to cut costs, have you thought about reviewing your packaging?

You might be surprised to learn that up to 90% of your packaging costs can be hidden behind the unit price you’re paying.

So, where are your costs hiding?

During a packaging review, our team always look at these 6 key areas in order to help our customers cut their packaging costs.


Do you need more room in your warehouse? Taking stock of your storage space and taking advantage of a stock holding service can release space and improve cash flow when it comes to packaging, as you’re only paying for what you use. Click here for some space saving tips to get you started.

Damages and returns

Damages and returns can be one of the key culprits in driving up your costs. Plus, reverse logistics can add to your environmental impact! As well as costing money, damages have other costs too, click here for more information. Using efficient packaging that minimises damages and returns will greatly reduce your costs, improve the customer experience and reduce hassle all round.

Transport and the environment

Are you maximising your pallet plans and minimising transport costs? Optimised packaging that’s lighter and smaller can help you cut transport costs and reduce your CO2 emissions. Well-designed packing materials will also allow you to maximise your pallet plans, getting more on a pallet so you need to use fewer trucks.


Ever find your packaging is creating lots of extra work for you? If you’re spending lots of time managing your orders, stocks and supplies your labour costs could be tied up in packaging admin. Consolidating materials can free up time and reduce hassle. Why not check out our guide to reducing your packaging admin? Click here for more.


Even the smallest bottleneck can limit your packing operation’s efficiency. From lower pack speeds to increased labour requirements, sub-optimal productivity can have a big influence on your costs, so it’s a key area you should review.

Customer experience

Do you think your packaging is making the right impression on customers? A poor experience can often lead to your customers looking elsewhere, reducing profitability. Plus, for many brands, packaging can often be the first physical touch point so it’s essential that it creates a great experience.

Book professional packaging analysis

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