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Packaging trends for 2018

As it’s a New Year, we’re turning our attention to the new packaging trends that will be influential during 2018.

So, if you want to keep up to date in the next 12 months, you might want to consider how these packaging trends for 2018 will impact your industry.

Waste reducing packaging

The world is starting to embrace the role that packaging plays in reducing waste. For instance, packaging can be used to preserve the freshness of produce and help consumers limit waste (1).

The re-sealable packaging trend will continue to grow in popularity and any new packaging technology that maintains or extends product shelf lives will be important. Keep this in mind if you’re in the food industry.

To learn more about the impact of foods waste, click here.

 Ethical packaging

You may have noticed that consumers are becoming concerned with the ethical practices of businesses. Packaging can help brands communicate their fair trade or ethical practices (1, 2).
Plus, you should check with your packaging company that your supply chain is ethical.

You can ask all good packaging providers what checks they have in place for ethical practices. Most reputable companies will carry out supplier and manufacturer checks for you – to make sure people are paid appropriately and no inappropriate practices take place in your supply chain.

Packaging that alleviates consumer frustration

With over 91% of people shopping online in the UK, packaging will continue to play pivotal role in consumers’ e-commerce experience (1).

So, if you work for an eCommerce or 3PL business, you should take note. You will need to optimise your packaging materials , look to improve sustainability and above all, make your packaging frustration free. This means it should be easy to open, easy to return and easy to dispose of if needed. Click here to read more about minimising packaging frustration.

Clear and transparent Labeling

As consumers become more educated and ethical, they’re expecting more transparency from the companies they deal with. If you’re using any labelling, it should be easy to understand, honest and informative (1). Due to this, also recommends you should pay attention “natural” looking labels as they can positively influence buying behaviour (3).

Biodegradable plastics and plastic alternatives

You may have noticed that plastics are becoming a big concern for the public. Our seas and oceans are becoming littered with plastic beads, rings and waste packaging. It’s estimated by 2050 there may even be more plastic in the sea than fish (1).

We’re sure you agree that this is a scary thought! If you’re using plastics in your packaging, you should start investigating biodegradable options or plastic alternatives. In addition, it will be essential for you to start using recycled plastics and ensure any of your plastics waste is recycled to help tackle this issue.

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